Our Approach to Planning

For Vanessa DePaul, it's not about checking off a list or following the latest trends. Vanessa believes an event or a wedding should tell a story. She takes a holistic approach to event planning by listening to your vision, your story and curates your special occasion with dedication and attention to detail; always reflecting your personal style.


Whether you're looking for a traditional party or niche event, a large soirée or private affair, rest assured it will be every bit as unique as you are. Vanessa DePaul is committed to the values of excellence, creativity and seamless execution. She will go above and beyond to make sure your event is special, memorable, magical and fun.

Vanessa limits the number of events she takes on per year, to assure her clients that they get her full and undivided attention, but most importantly, that her clients receive the best service possible.